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We are an innovative company that prides itself in the quality of our work, building technological tools that efficiently and effectively solve business problems while giving an insight into an organisation or company. Our team of professional developers help organisations to enjoy the creative process of building software solutions that are tailored to suit the needs of the organisation.

Through innovative advances in software technology, we offer software solutions that add great value to organisations, software solutions that are of the highest quality, software solutions that are simple to use and software solutions that remains relevant to the needs of the organisation at all times.

We preserve a high level of business ethics characterised by integrity and honesty.


To provide our clients with valuable products and services that are of the highest quality.


To become a widely renowned company by majority of clientele through quality service and products that add value to organisations.




We strive to provide the best quality work. Our aim is to meet and deliver global standards of excellence consistently.


Making a difference to our clients is key to us and we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients realise value from using our software solutions in their organisations..


We develop simple to interact with software solutions. Our software solutions are crafted with ease of use in mind.


We offer continuity to our clients, to ensure that our software solutions remain relevant to business needs at all times, regardless of how much the business needs change.


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We want to stand out from the rest and provide a formidable experience to our clients that will help us grow together

Responsive Websites

Your online presence on every device.

Web Application Development

Centralise your data to improve data driven decisions.

Mobile Application Development

Be present on a range of different devices.

Offline Application Development

Use your application even without connectivity.

Software Solutions Integration

Let your applications communicate with each other.

Geospatial Application Development

Incorporate GIS in your applications.



LMIS – Logistics Management Information System

Logistics Management Information System handles planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement and distribution health commodities and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to ensure availability of commodities with Lesotho Health Facilities.

The goal of the LMIS in health is much larger than simply making sure a commodity gets where it needs to go but to help ensure that every client has commodity security where every person is able to obtain and use quality essential health supplies whenever he or she needs them.

CLIENT: MOH – Ministry of Health Lesotho

SECTOR: Health


A publicly available Enigma application meant to provide the people with consolidated information on essential services of Lesotho including Emergency contacts, Police contacts, Telephone Taxis, Tourist attractions accommodation, etc. The application is available as a web and android mobile app.

CLIENT: Public

SECTOR: Informational


Lesotho Citizen Voice and Feedback Initiative

A dashboard that showcases data that has been collected from the public through surveys and polls in an effort to improve citizen’s participation in policies, services and decisions affecting the citizens to better inform UN (United Nations) programing in Lesotho.

CLIENT: United Nations Lesotho

SECTOR: NGO – Non Governmental Organisation



Online music platform by Enigma that affords artist to register a profile and upload their music online for public consumption through features such as on app streaming, downloading, sharing, adding  to favourites, voting, etc.

CLIENT: Public

SECTOR: Entertainment



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